What is this?

Catalyst seeks to promote and facilitate collaborations between Not-Equal Network+ members, who wish to develop and submit a research project in response to Not-Equal’s second Call for Collaborative Proposals.

Not-Equal, Network+ on Social Justice through the Digital Economy funded by the EPSRC, focuses on how the design of new and emerging technologies and their application, can empower, emancipate and more equitably distribute opportunities for economic development to all citizens, consumers and employees. Not-Equal brings together partners from academia, industry, government and civil society to understand, explore and respond, together, to the potential of new and emerging technologies to make the UK socio-economic life fairer for all. Not-Equal activities focus on three challenge areas: Algorithmic Social Justice, Digital Security for All, Fairer Futures for Businesses and Workforces. For further details on our focus areas for this call please refer to our guidance brochure.

The Call for Collaborative Proposals opens on January 20th 2020 and applications will be due at 5pm on 29th May 2020. Projects can be between 6-8 months in length. In this round Not-Equal aims to fund 7 research projects up to £40,000 (80% FEC). For more information about the Call requirements please visit our website.

If you are seeking a project partner please fill out this form with your initial project idea and interests. This form will be used to populate your unique Catalyst entry. Others will then be able to browse the Catalyst site and use the keyword search to identify and connect with you. If you do not wish your idea to be publicly visible on Catalyst, you have the option in the google form to only share it with Not-Equal team, who will use it to help you connect with relevant potential partners and collaborators.

If you have any further questions regarding Catalyst, the call for proposals or Not-Equal in general please contact Rachel Sparks (Not-Equal Manager) notequal@newcastle.ac.uk or 0191 208 8268.