Example Catalyst idea submission

by Not-Equal Team working at Newcastle University responding to Cross-cutting challenge areas

I am interested in exploring

This is an example submission of an idea on Catalyst, so that you can see what it will look like! When you go through the google form, you will be asked: “What are you interested in exploring?”. Your answer to that question will appear here. Try to be concise, but give enough information about the kind of things you would like to explore with potential collaborators. You are not restricted to submit only one idea, and submitting your idea on Catalyst doesn’t commit you to the project in any way. It is a way for other Network+ members to connect with you based on your interests and ideas for potential collaborations.

My motivation is

On the google form you will be asked: “What is your motivation for exploring this? Why is it important?”. Your answer to that question will appear here. You might want to tell others any background information that led you to wanting to explore your idea in the context of Not-Equal. This could be: previous research or projects you have been involved in; experiences or events in your sector/workplace; an explanation of why you think exploring your idea is particularly important. You can be concise, but give enough background information about your idea to your potential collaborators.

Project focus

I want to focus on:

  • Redistribution


I am looking for a partner in these sectors:

  • Third Sector

I am looking to work in these areas:

  • Families

Sandpit events

I am going to: Newcastle, February 25th 2020



Catalyst facilitates collaborations between Not-Equal Network+ members, who wish to develop and submit a research project in response to Not-Equal’s second Call for Collaborative Proposals. Search for initial project ideas and get in touch with potential collaborators.