Next Generation infrastructures - have site have say!

by conn crawford working at self employed responding to Digital Security for All

I am interested in exploring

Next Gen Digital Infrastructures - 5G, MEC, IOT , AI etc – may soon be pervasive, needing new host locations and co-operation between infrastructure and service providers. Communities could be required to host 100x sites but have limited say in the distribution or operation of these critical assets. Network planners use XR technologies (Unreal Engine, Unity) to plan and manage infrastructure assets. Might we develop these tools as a means of engaging and raising awareness of digital infrastructures, within host communities? Is it possible to collaboratively map local digital assets and local services reqs to model opportunities in a given locality and promote conversations between all stakeholders? Could this be ‘Gamified’ to promote understanding and progression to achieve ‘specificatory’ significance’? Could living lab sessions enable rapid prototyping of these tools? Could sites be crowdsourced and infrastructure management be co-created in online & immersive environments?

My motivation is

Access to next generation digital infrastructures will be a critical determinant for economic and social development, however, within new business models which reward inclusion it will be increasingly difficult to attract investment to hard to reach or peripheral areas. Historical development favoured inward out and mass market models which if repeated will broaden the digital divide. However, the new infrastructures are increasingly software driven and virtualised – cloudified – permitting more direct collaboration between all actors in a value chain. If communities can be digitally represented there is potential for new forms of collaboration and reward for participation which may redress geographic or representational bias.

Project focus

I want to focus on:

  • Enablement & Radical Trust


I am looking for an academic partner in:

  • Planning & architecture

I am looking for a partner in these sectors:

  • Public Sector
  • Third Sector

I am looking to work in these areas:

  • Planning & housing
  • Cyber Security
  • Web design and digital innovation

Sandpit events

I am going to: Newcastle, February 27th 2020


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