Map your data trails: build resilient capacities in young people's learning futures

by Giota Alevizou working at The Open University responding to Cross-cutting challenge areas

I am interested in exploring

This proposal aims to develop a robust framework that builds an understanding of the opportunities for combining artificial (AI) and collective intelligence (CI). It will focus on current cases surrounding AI in Education (evolving AIEDfrom EdTech), to determine an ethical trajectory that can bring not only broad educational potential, but also, just social change. AI in education has achieved an exponential growth with hundreds of start-ups competing in offering ‘solutions’ to schools and governments in the UK and worldwide. And while researchers and policy makers have only just started to assess the pedagogical suitability or effectiveness of such systems, deeper ethical concerns prevail, including those surrounding predictive attainment, hyper-automation of teaching and learning and lack of integrative computing curricula that take into account of critical digital and data literacies.

My motivation is

Drawing on pilot case studies, this project proposes to utilise experience with participatory methodologies and civic technologies to propose a framework that combines social, critical and emotional competences with the aim to:

  • chart ways in which educators can encourage dialogue between students and among students and edTech/AIeD providers (both companies and governments),
  • enable educators, students and policy stakeholders map out the benefits and perils of - AIeD, by assessing its value, through a reflection of their own values,
  • Enable educators, students and technologists to co-design more holistic digital curricula and audit cases of both student- and system- centred solutions.

Even if AI can help us assess and model social contexts that rely on value judgements and reasoning, we first need to have a wider conversation about the values we want technology to help promote and build a the collective judgement and digital rights that humans hold over those systems.

Project focus

I want to focus on:

  • Recognition
  • Enablement & Radical Trust
  • Accountability & Care


I am looking for a partner in these sectors:

  • Public Sector
  • Third Sector

I am looking to work in these areas:

  • Education
  • Children and young people

Sandpit events

I am going to: London March, 6th 2020


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