Determing the Full Value created by the Food Chain

by Andrew Robshaw working at EarthDoctor/Big River Bakery responding to Fairer Futures for Businesses and Workforces

I am interested in exploring

Many of the costs and benefits associated with food are not integrated into the financial purchase transaction which has led to the creation of the current unsustainable and inequitable global food system.To create an alternative and equitable local food system at scale there is a need to measure the value created within the different food value chains. Food transactions may then be undertaken with a focus on the development of a sustainable and equitable food system. We know value is subjective, changes quickly with circumstances, throughout the production and supply process yet our current system pretends to measure value at just one point in time for all customers. This method is imprecise, delayed and retrospective. This was accepted because we had no choice, the technology just didn’t exist. That excuse is no longer valid. This system was acceptable because we didn’t have the technology to solve this problem. Well now we do,

My motivation is

Earth Doctor Ltd is not just a bakery, it’s a social enterprise, a model, a concept and system. We have established a community bakery and foodhub in Newcastle which provides a platform where we can develop this project. Through the development and practical application of a more accurate value system and platform we can combine environmental and social impact alongside the existing financial impact. Contribution is truly valued, their productive output fully recognised and remunerated accordingly irrespective of the role in and towards the organisation.

Project focus

I want to focus on:

  • Recognition
  • Redistribution
  • Enablement & Radical Trust
  • Accountability & Care
  • Proactive Resilience and Reparation


I am looking for an academic partner in:

  • Data science & engineering
  • Social science (e.g. geography, politics, sociology)
  • Computer science and HCI
  • Mathematics and statistics

I am looking for a partner in these sectors:

  • Industry / SMEs

I am looking to work in these areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning
  • Web design and digital innovation

Sandpit events

I am going to: Newcastle, February 27th 2020


[; andy@earthdoctors@co.ukor](; andy@earthdoctors@co.ukor)

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