Empowering the MCN community with better data agency

by Keith Gibson working at Fulfilling Lives responding to Digital Security for All

I am interested in exploring

Our MCN (Multiple & Complex Needs) community are outliers. They are vulnerable to losing their data (physical not digital), they have unique struggles with access to IT. Furthermore they access many services and regularly have to repeat their life story to each new service - often their life story is highly traumatic and this repetition has a negative impact.

We are a third sector research and learning program with unique connections to the DWP, Police, NHS, Criminal Justice System, Civic bodies, etc; and we also have a network of individuals with experiences of multiple complex needs.

We have a few ideas but nothing concrete yet. This ranges form the idea of a 'digital packpack' that stores electronic copies of physical items such as certificates, proofs of identification, photographs etc; or.. exploring how our digitally invisible community fits into the future of algorithmic decision making when their digital footprint is very poor, often scattered, incomplete and inaccurate.

My motivation is

The people we work with are the most vulnerable people within society. They are often forgotten. They are often failed as children and grow up falling through the cracks. Our programme is focused on system change, workforce development and research and learning. We are one of twelve national programmes and we (Fulfilling Lives) serve Newcastle and Gateshead.

Project focus

I want to focus on:

  • Recognition


I am looking for an academic partner in:

  • Data science & engineering
  • Design
  • Computer science and HCI

I am looking to work in these areas:

  • Social care
  • Cyber Security
  • Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning
  • Web design and digital innovation
  • Vulnerable groups

Sandpit events

I am going to: Newcastle, February 27th 2020



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